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Ergonomic electric guitars

“Ergonomic design is a way of considering design options to ensure that people's capabilities and limitations are taken into account. This helps to ensure that the product is fit for use by the target users.” The Ergonomic Society

Although these two ergonomic guitars are inspired by the work of legendary American luthier Steve Klein, I have incorporated some of my own design ideas. Both guitars have small compact heads, unlike the headless Kleins. I can see more advantages of using a head compared to a headless design; you get a considerably wider choice of hardware, a headless design also limits your choice of strings to double-ball-end strings and I also feel that the head of a guitar (acoustic, classical, electric- whatever) contributes to the sustain of the instrument. I like to use a straight thru’ neck as I’m convinced that this construction technique enhances the tone and sustain of the instrument.

Although similar in shape and overall construction, these are two very different bespoke instruments, built for the needs of their owners.

6-string ergonomic guitar 7-string ergonomic guitar Spalted maple top Compact 6-string head Compact 7-string head Mahogany body Straight thru' neck Back view 6 string ergonomic guitar